Prevention and Management of Aggression and Violence Instructor Course (PMAV)

The aim of this PMAV instructor course is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skills and attitude to deliver training in a safe and professional way. The training provides staff members with the knowledge, confidence and skill in recognising the early indicators for challenging behaviour,, assessing and de-escalating challenging behaviour and methods to de-escalate crisis situations in a safe way. While the training is fully in line with HSE guidance it also adheres to restraint reduction guidelines.

This course is based on the following guidance from the HSE:

Course Contents

Day 1 : (Zoom/Teams)

  • Theory of violence and aggression in the workplace
  • What violence and aggression in the workplace is
  • Understanding and managing conflict within healthcare
  • Ethical & Legal requirements associated with violence and aggression
  • Strategies to avoid occurrences of aggression and violence
  • Identification, assessment and resolution of conflict
  • Recognition, assessment and management of escalating situations.
  • Assault cycle
  • Recognition and assessment of the escalation process
  • Use of stage specific de-escalation skills
  • Service user and situation specific risk assessment and management.
  • Verbal de-escalation skills
  • Management of verbal aggression
  • Crisis management
  • Physical and psychological risks involved in physical interventions
  • Safe practice in lone working and working alone
  • Personal safety in providing physical care
  • Risks associated with the use of physical interventions

Day 2 : (Classroom)

  • Physical Interventions and breakaway techniques
  • Physical intervention (Team)
  • Disengagement techniques
  • Safe physical holding
  • Preventative/Evasive techniques
  • Safe movement

Day 3 : (Classroom)

  • Refresh physical skills

  • Delivery of theory content

  • Delivery of physical exercises

Entry Requirements

Learners should have a good command of English. They should have basic IT skills. If unsure, this can be assessed on this website.

Prevention and Management of Aggression and Violence Instructor Course Training Delivery Approach and Location

This course is  3 days in duration and is delivered through 1 day on Zoom/Teams and day 2 & 3 in the classroom.

Learners must be present online for the fully duration. They are expected to actively engage in the course through completion of polls and responding to questions.

Training Cost:

Cost per individual TBC.
Group/course rate (20 participants): Group rates available upon request.

Max participants: 20